What is Non-Magnetized Water 2

It’s not magnetized; it has no magnetism.

What is non-magnetism?


1. Non-magnetized water is 3~4 times smaller than tap water in water molecules.

Type of water


Tap water


Lourdes Springwater, France


Non-magnetized water



2. Non-magnetized water has high oxygen content.

If there’s a lot of oxygen in the drinking water, it will effectively remove the active oxygen that carries toxin out of the body.

Type of water

Dissolved oxygen content

Tap water

5~6 ppm

Groundwater, Waterfall

6~7 ppm

Fresh water

9~10 ppm

Non-magnetized water

12~14 ppm


3. Non-magnetized water brings a healthy life.

You will experience changes in the body just by drinking 3 to 4 liters a day. The principle is that non-magnetized water easily penetrates into the cell’s nucleus (heart of the cell) over 60 to 100 trillion per cell.

Removes foreign substances in the blood vessels, blood clots, waste products, and helps to treat the causes of adult diseases such as hypertension and stroke.

Non-magnetized water smoothly supplies more than 80 minerals to cell’s nucleus, thereby regenerating the skin and strengthening the elasticity of skin and blood vessels to help prevent aging.

Helps eliminate the cause of diabetes.

Skin that is injured, inflamed or a topic can quickly recover.       

It supplies the immune substances contained in the food to the whole body smoothly throughout the blood stream.

4. Non-magnetized water has amazing cleaning and washing effect typical water will last few days causing water to become slippery, smelly and decay as the color changes. Non-magnetized water with an antibacterial power of 92% does not change for more than 3 months because bacteria can not multiply. If you clean with non-magnetized water, it keeps bathtubs and toilets clean for a long time. If you wash with non-magnetized water, you will get an antibacterial effect. White laundry becomes whiter, and colored laundry becomes clearer. 5. Non-magnetized water makes plants grow very well.        

Plants grown on a farm with non-magnetized water have three to four times more in nutrients.         

The flowers and trees in the garden that have been tended to with non-magnetized water are abundant and healthy.

6. Non-magnetized water is environmentally friendly.        
Reduces the use of detergents, one of harm causes to the environment, by approximately 70 to 80%. Non-magnetized water which flows to the drain into the septic tank through the pipe, reduces the smell of the sewer. The life of piping is two to three times longer, which saves piping construction costs. 

7. The non-magnetic filter is semi-permanent.·        

It does not use electricity. Filter does not need to be replaced. No repairs required.

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