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Non-Magnetized Water
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Mineral Composition
Mineral Composition of Bottled Water in in the United States
41 ~ 46 (Hertz)
What is non-magnetism?

Non-magnetized water is 3~4 times smaller than tap water in water molecules.

12 - 14 (ppm)
Non-magnetized water has high oxygen content.

If there’s a lot of oxygen in the drinking water, it will effectively remove the active oxygen that
carries toxin out of the body.

60 - 100 (T) per cell
Non-magnetized water brings a healthy life.

You will experience changes in the body just by drinking 3 to 4 liters a day. The principle is that non-magnetized water easily penetrates into the cell’s nucleus (heart of the cell) over 60 to 100 trillion per cell.

Fights bacteria stain
Non-magnetized water's amazing cleaning|washing effect

non-magnetized water, you will get an antibacterial effect. White aundry becomes whiter, and colored undry becomes clearer.

Healthy growth
Make plan row affectively

Plants grown on a farm with non-magnetized water have three to our times more in nutrients. The flowers and trees in the garden that have been tended to with non-agnetized water are abundant and healthy.

Environment Friendly
Reduces harm cause by environment

Non-magnetized water which flows to the drain into the septic tank through the pipe, reduces the smell of the sewer.

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